GENAU Podcast #009 – DISCRETE CIRCUIT (Away – Berlin)

The story of Berlin’s Discrete Circuit details the strength of a true musical partnership; one informed both by the creative vibrancy of Berlin and the soul of Detroit, as well as the energy of house and techno in its most timeless form. Andreas and Szymon have been a duo since 2012, as studio partners who draw an array of ifluences into a cohesive unit, as well as through promoting their ‘Away’ parties across Europe. Discrete Circuit’s musical identity is interwoven with the world-class list of DJ talent they’ve welcomed and played alongside the past few years. Detroit stalwarts Derrick May and Kenny Larkin join fellow veterans like John Digweed and Ripperton, and it’s this particular blend of influences that is key to the music we hear from Discrete Circuit themselves; through their own Away Music imprint, as well as stables like DVS1’s Mistress Recordings.

“We’re inspired by the shared experiences of Berlin and Detroit,” says Andy. “They’re both places where the dance culture arose out of change. In Berlin it was the wall falling, while in Detroit it was General Motors leaving the city. Bringing those energies together excites us.” In the studio, the duo’s contrasting energies are equally complimentary. Following several releases under their own names, the pair adopted the Discrete Circuit alias after they were inspired to begin their Away Music record label together; born from an uncompromising ideal of vinyl-only self-distribution. While Szymon is a creative perfectionist with a natural affinity for techno, Andreas brings the house music vibes and a contrasting creative approach.



1. Random Audio – Outer Space Division
2. Developer – 1975 A (Reeko Remix)
3. Zadig – Londinium
4. Tommy Four Seven – Track 5 (Robert Hood Remix)
5. Luis Flores – Discipline
6. Truncate – Room Mode
7. Petter B – Global Writes
8. French Fries – Bug Noticed
9. Kwartz – Hole
10. Planetary Assault System – Sucktion
11. Discrete Circuit – Incursion
12. Go Hiyama – Residual Set (Oscar Mulero Remix)

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