Genau Recordings releases its latest EP “EUKARYOTA” by HEMPTOTE. The Milan-based producer and DJ showcases his mastery in blending Techno, Hard-Techno, Hard-Trance, and Rave sounds, pushing boundaries with an innovative style. With 5 tracks, including 2 remixes by Exilles and Dance Divine (a prominent transmedia producer and DJ based in Brussels), the EP features driving rhythms, intense melodies, and a profound connection with energy. A sonic journey of pure power and intensity, diving into the world of hard-hitting, cutting-edge Techno that will transport you into a new dimension. 

The term “EUKARYOTA” refers to complex cellular organisms with a well-defined nucleus. The tracks of the EP reflect the energy and complexity of the eukaryotic world, with pressing rhythms and intense sounds. Earthly music exploring the idea of a primordial force driving the evolution of living organisms. 

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